Rhino Render Unable to make "Rhino Render" the current render plug-in

Hi, I have not been able to use rhino render. Everytime I try this appears:
Plug-in name or ID ( Rhinoceros ): 5dc0192d-73dc-44f5-9141-8e72542e792d
Unable to make “Rhino Render” the current render plug-in

I do not have another rendering tool.
what do I do?

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Check under Tools > Options > Plug-ins that the Rhino Render plug-in is loaded, along with other plug-ins with Render in the name (Render development kit). Does it work better then?

Thank you. It works now


I think this video might be used if you are using Rhino for rendering.

Basically, rendering (via Viewport Capture) using Raytraced Mode viewport maybe better than the default Rhino Render.
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Note that in v7 Rhino Render == Raytraced.

Wow… thanks Nathan. That is great news.