Data grid in pythonscript - help

i learning python script in rhino. i find Meier_UI_Utility create ‘form’, but i dont know add gridview and control item in it. Do you know it? please help me.
I want build program in Rhinoceros V5

Help me please!

Here is more infomation on the meier_ui_utility.

Do you know C#? If so, why do you want to do this in Python?

– Dale

i have asked on page but nobody help me.
i know c# but i don’t be imported ‘Rhino command V5’ in visual studio 2017.
i need build program run with Rhino V5

Hi @xiix.xoox,

I doubt many of our users have experience using WinForms with IronPython. However, it looks like there is plenty of information and tuturials on the Internet regarding this. I suggest you spend time searching for IronPython, WinForms, and DataGrid.

– Dale