Rhino Private Lesson needed: OBJ model cleaning

Hi there,
I have an .OBJ model of a city square created by DroneDeploy via photogrammetry method.
Model view 1.
I am looking for someone to show me the most effective tools for processing the model:

  • cropping the model
  • spotting the detached/flying objects and removing them
  • smooth removing of objects from the surface, trimming, flattening
  • healing/closing holes
  • exporting incl. possible quality issues

I figure 1-2 hours online to cover these aspects in a single session.
I am using a trial Rhino Version 6 SR30 (6.30.20288.16411, 14.10.2020), Skype, TeamViewer

email jody@mcneel.com she sets up all of our custom training, and can get something set up for you (or anyone else who wants focused 1-1 training on a specific topic)

Hi Alex! We can find a better solutions after see the model, i can help you today. send me an email jose.4b.tee@gmail.com