Rhino edit out cable embossed on mesh add in freehanging?

Military figure with helmet on, electrical leads represented by embossed wavy lines on chest run to helmet, Q1. can Rhino remove them, and heal up the area, or has it a smoothing down tool ? how is that done ?

Q2. then I could use pipe command, redo the wiring , turn the result into a polygon mesh . how is that done ?

Q3. Does it have to match mesh density of rest of figure ?

Q4. make sure the pipe goes into the helmet a bit, then fuse it into the mesh at the helmet. what command ?

Q5. remove any parts inside from the surface, what command ?

I intend to try 3D printing to better a figure or more :slight_smile:




hard to say without the model.

The Mesh command.

That is your call


No command.



thanks for replies, .

I have found a pipe that needs to be cut off and the hole that is made capped off, all on the mesh as its too thin to print. Is there a command to nibble away at the mesh to do so ?

I have managed to project a line around it, now try a meshtrim and cap it.

the command says select the cutting object, i select the faceted circle around the mesh pipe, it then says select the mesh to be trimmed, I do so, and nothing happens.

try again, nothing happens.

The circle is on the mesh as its a projection to its surface, I have apparent intersections turned off.

I try again on my sphere mockup, again nothing happens, even on ortho, nothing happens.

see image below for red line of where rod needs removing. How does one chop that pipe off the sphere mesh in perspective view with mesh tools ?

smoothing out a surface feature on a mesh.
I cant offer up the mesh, it needs an NDA as it is for any dealings. I would be lynched if I was to post it here or anywhere .
Model figures have cables molded to their torsos, aircraft cockpits (plastic kits) have pipes molded to their surfaces, no undercut. Suits the removal from metal molds process.

see my mockup.

How does one smooth down the raised form around the sphere ? or the pinked areas in my image ?

a crop of the area concerned.

Hope that helps.

In an experiment and I see the pipe loses its end when BooleanUnion is used, so that takes care of my question on tidying up the insides., GOOD.

mesh surface editing.3dm (1006.9 KB)