Can you help me?

model 54.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hello everyone, I need your help. Can you soften all of the sharp edges on this model for me? I am just starting to learn Rhino and don’t know how to do it yet. This is a school project that needs to be done by Wednedsay (11.05.2016.). It is very important and I would truly appreciate your help. :slight_smile:

thank you, David. But i still cannot do it; My model seems to be too complex for these tools to work.

The model is over 60,000 units from the origin. Move it close to the origin.

The model has numerous duplicate objects. Use SelDup to find and delete them.

All surfaces should be on the outside of the model. Several surfaces need to be trimmed or deleted so that portions of the surfaces are not on the inside of the model. Use wireframe, ghosted or x-ray mode to see them.

The absolute tolerance is 0.001. Does it need to be that small? If not relaxing it will allow surfaces to be joined.

Thank you very much, I will do as you suggest. I did not know abou the tolerance thing; that may hold the key to my problem.