Cleaning complex shape


I’m new here,

I’ve been self teaching rhino for a couple of years for every time I need it.
And I really love it!
But now for the first time I can’t seem to solve my issue neither with rhino or an other software actually.

I got this complex shape (below) and if you can see it, you should see disks in the shape. I would like to clean it.

But I’m unable to find a way to clean all of the floating elements and make clean disks.

In the end I want to 3d print every disk and put them together with a rod.

Is this possible or feasable?

Your attached file is a .obj file with a mesh. The objects in the file are irregularly shaped mesh objects.

Explode the mesh into individual meshes. Then you will be able to select and delete individual objects.

SelSmall may be useful in selecting all objects smaller than the size specified.


That worked perfectly!

What I didn’t realise is that now I have one mesh left over. With all the floating parts all removed.
But that some parts I want to remove are connected to the big mesh.

I tried to explode it again. But that didn’t work.
I can cut them. But what’s the best way to delete parts and make the open ‘fields’ closed?

I don’t really know the termonology for this?

Thanks for the help so far!!

Any idea?


can you post an image to show what is going on? it is abit slow to download 78Mb OBJ Object here. and might as well post an image and see what we can do

  • Deleting parts: you can sub-object select faces of the mesh and then just delete those. You’d probably want to configure the selection filter so that only faces are selected and not edges or vertices. Deleting edges or vertices will mess up the mesh.
  • You could try to use the FillMeshHoles commands for smallish more-or-less well behaving holes.

I don’t know how far that will get you on this one…