Rhino v5.5 ignore the imported preferences (edit:Resolved)

I installed High Sierra clean on ssd external
I downloaded Rhinoceros 5.5 (inserting the license key) started and imported the preferences saved on the previous Rhino on MacOS Sierra.
Rhino stays with standard interface and ignores preferences.
How can I solve?
@pascal @John_Brock @dan

I don’t believe you can.
The change for 5.5 was to make the preferences compatible with the V6 WIP.
I’m pretty sure this means that old, pre-5.5 preference files are not useful.

Hi John
I upgraded on macOS Sierra to v5.5 and everything works perfectly.
Preferences are NOT updated on High Sierra


I don’t know squat about Mac OS.
I’ll check with the Mac developers.

@John_Brock ok. thank you for this

Short answer: this won’t work. Many preference names changed between 5.4.2 (and earlier) and 5.5 (and later). Running 5.5 for the first time will automatically convert your 5.4.2 preference settings saved on your computer to the equivalent 5.5 preference settings. Mac 5.5 will not convert imported preference settings saved from 5.4.2 or earlier.

The operating system version has no effect on how preferences are treated.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I updated on MacOS Sierra from 5.4.2> 5.5 and it worked (correctly imported preferences.
Then I downloaded it on High Sierra Rhino v5.5 but the preferences were NOT imported.
Maybe I had to install Rhino 5.4.2 on High Sierra and then I’d upgrade to 5.5?


Try manually copying the .plist file from the 5.5 boot disk that is working to the other boot disk that has 5.5.

Already tried. does not work



So you copied - com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist - from…


…on the working 5.5 Mac to…


on the other 5.5 Mac, and you had run 5.5 on both Macs at least once prior?

This works on my end on both 10.12.6 and 10.13.6, in both directions.

Unfortunately I confirm that it does not work.

Bummer! I’m out if ideas, sorry

@marlin If I understand correctly, copy the file com.mcneel.rhinoceros.plist in the /Users/yourusername/Library/Preferences folder to allow ec2638 to have the same preferences on both 10.12.6 Sierra and 10.13.6 High Sierra. If so … because it does not work for me. Manually changing preferences is hell.

I am not sure it still works this way on 5.5, but HERE is the correct procedure to restore saved plists.

Resolved. Now works. very grateful. If I solve the problem of the SpaceMouse Pro,SpaceMouse Pro and Rhino 5.5 on High Sierra does not work I can go to High Sierra.