Rhino poly surface to 3dsmax poly

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kindly please help me ,
i am in a trouble , i have a polysurface which double curve,
i am not getting a smooth surface same as rhino when i export to 3dsmax
i had exported one time using iges - type default,
but now its not getting a smooth surface

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anyone online


its not a good trait to go and post all over the place till somebody answers. anyway if you want to have somebody to look at it you could post a file.

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am new here,


This is not an instant gratification forum. Patience is crucial.

That said…
The default flavor IGES export does not support meshes, meaning that 3ds MAX is reading NURBS surfaces and doing its thing with it. Meaning you’ll have to find a way to solve this in MAX.
Or else export your object as a mesh and control the settings in Rhino.