Plugin does not load when running in debugger

I have my plugin coming along nicely, but to test it, I keep having to build/start rhino/load plugin/repeat.

Note: Rhino DOES load from the debugger.

Any hints?

Hey Cliff, your plug-in should load the first time you run one of it’s commands as long as the plug-in has been installed once.

The only command is “CabinetLabelsCommand”, but it does not show up in the intellisense list.

If you type CabinetLabelsCommand, does your command run?

No. Just “unknown command…”

Try loading your plug-in and then just shutting down Rhino in a regular fashion once. That should help get things to ‘stick’

Still no go. I looked in the plugins dialog and it is shown as installed when running outside the debugger. It loads and operates as designed.

From inside the debugger, the plugin does not show as installed.

This doesn’t seem right. Is your debugger loading the same Rhino? Maybe one is 32bit and the other is 64?

That was it. Thanks.