Rhino Plugin Installer to Install on Specific location

Hi Team,

we have a Rhino common plugin developed using c#.
we use to zip all the depended configuration files along with the rhp to create the installer .rhi extension by renaming it , installation works perfectly fine.

Our plugin need to connect to our api every time it launches and download and write a xml file .
There are some users those who are not admin on their machines, plugin is crashing for them.
The plugin is crashing because it not able to write file in the rhino folder “C:\Users******\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\Plug-inspluginname (6cef8511-a474-4679-af71-f4e919de7a76)\s”

is there any way we can customise the rhino installer to install it on a different drive or folder.
we cant get rid of this api call and downloading file at the moment.

can anyone suggest how to make installer which can point to custom location while installing?
if not , is there any other way to handle this apart from manual installation?


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Hi @nevin.mathew,

It’s pretty bad when a user cannot write to %APPDATA%, which resolves to to the user’s roaming profile folder. I’m sure this case is the exception, not the rule. The user might want to spend time figuring out why their system won’t allow them to write to this "should be right-able` folder.

Rhino plug-in can be installed pretty much anywhere. However, the Rhino installer only installs to %APPDATA or to %CommonProgramFiles%, depending on what option you pick during installation. To install in any other location, you’ll need to provide your own installer.

If you plug-in needs to download data every time it’s run, how about just writing that data to %TEMP%?

– Dale

Hi, @dale I’ll jump in here also. Is there any list of steps to be taken to successfully install the plugin? Some tips on it? Or maybe there’s somewhere source of original rhi one I could check?

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Does this help?

The course code to Rhino’s installer engine is not public - sorry.

– Dale


Thanks Dale! I knew it has to be somewhere though i didn’t visit Fundamentals for a longer period of time :sweat_smile:

So registry is all i have to worry about? Here question as my imagination temporarily is out of order why I should bother if Rhino is Eval? Beta is understandable as it can introduce breaking changes.

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