Rhino, plants and proxy


I would like to ask something regarding “planting” in Rhino 3d as well as how to use proxy solutions. So, my confusion in the topic, that there are two very promising landscape software on the market, Bryce and Vue and so on, which has not got connection with Rhino directly, however objects can be exported, of course.
However, when I use these objects it can produce a very large polygon forest in Rhino scene and Rhino neither other Renderer engines can handle the exported objects as proxies for better memory handling.
These objects can be hidden on other layers however renderers still has a memory issue?

Is anyone who can suggest me how to use proxies and what type of softwares do you use for landscapes including trees, bushes, grass, ivy, flowers ?


Many rendering engines support instancing for blocks - so if you create your forest using blocks, you should get pretty decent memory usage. At least Brazil and Flamingo nXt are able to do this. I’m not sure about others.

Otherwise, make sure you take a look at Flamingo nXt’s plant feature - it’s pretty powerful, even without using plants from 3rd parties.

Just to see what the memory impact was when using blocks, I did a test render using Brazil in Rhino 5 x64 with a high detail tree from SpeedTree. When 100 trees were represented as a repeated block, the RAM usage was 3.5gb. When I exploded the block instances into separate objects the RAM usage went up to 5.75gb. The render times were identical. For comparison a single tree used 800mb of RAM at render time.