Brainstorm for Speeding up large scenes

Im looking for thoughts, ideas, suggestions for working with large scenes.

The below file has some 400 plants and some other geometry, its becoming unweildly even in wireframe.

Some ideas I have are:

Split the scene in half, and only merge it when ready to render
Put all of the plants in a second scene and merge when rendering
Create lighter weight (Optimised) 2D blocks

Thoughts anyone?

I do not know about Lands Design, but for vray I was using proxies of plants where each plant is represented by only one mesh triangle. During render time the full geometry is loaded with whatever size of each plant. This was done 4 years ago when I was developing Scatter plugin. Rhino process in any plugin should be the same by means of low poly display and reference to high res geometry on your hardrive.

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Hi Petras, what you mentioned here is exactly what Im after. So far however It looks like the renderer is kind of linked to the display in the viewport. i.e. if I have the low resource ‘blocks’ shown then that is what will render.

Does anyone know how I might be able to render high quality geometry and textures while keeping the low resource ‘blocks’ in the viewport? Something that would save changing all of the viewport settings every time I go to render a frame?

Regarding the struggle to manipulate the heavy scene, I have found a couple of workable methods myself in case anyone else is struggling;

  1. reduce the complexity of the 2D tree ‘blocks’ many of the ones that come with Lands are very heavy.
  2. use ‘shaded’ viewport setting - seems to be the best for resource
  3. Obviously turn off shadows

Hi Garth,
You can use the “Billboard” representation when using the “Realistic” Plant 3D display mode. These are light-weight objects, that will be replaced by detailed 3D plants when shooting a render.
On the other hand, you can also choose a custom 3D model for your plants (check here how to do it: Is it possible to assign a custom block to one of the plant species representation types? - Lands Design), and use the conceptual or detailed representation just for working.

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Thanks Francesc!!! Perfect!