Rhino "Out of Memory" Message on Start-up

Hello everyone!

I’m having some issues with Rhino7 on startup, where it is giving the following message below. It’s not tied to a particular file, it is giving me this message on start-up.


I have already tried to do the following:

  • Restart my PC/Shutdown
  • Repair the program through the Modify options in windows
  • Un-install and re-install Rhino7

Has anyone else experienced the same problem and found a way to work it out? Thanks for your considerations.


What is the system memory on your computer?

You can click on the Start Button and type in System Info into the search box… and that should let you open up system info window to see what the details are.

Hello @JimD.

Here is my system Info:

Thank You, Arianna,. . . 32GB should be more than enough.

I haven’t seen a lot of out of memory topics on this forum… I was worried that maybe you were trying to run Rhino on an older budget model computer that had minimal resources built into it.

As it stands now, My best guess is to take this error message at face value… and assume it’s about what it says its about… BUT, I think I’d add in an extra bit of interpretation to it…

While Rhino might be saying it has no memory… It’s worth considering the role Windows plays here too… because Windows is in charge of ‘allocating’ how much memory each program gets to use. And maybe, something happened that caused Windows to bump Rhino into a value that it shouldn’t be running in… hence the error message.

To check if this line of reasoning is going along the right path… I think it would be good to see what the Task Manager has to report.

Try Shutting Down Rhino, then Open up the windows task manager, and restart Rhino.

And let’s copy the process in Method One on this webpage that discusses how to allocate RAM to Windows programs.

Rhino Memory Task Manager

The whole point of this check is to see if you can notice an obvious bottleneck… where the values and priority are set really Low. And you don’t need to get into methods 2 and 3. Method One should be good enough to indicate if things are off track in the memory allocation idea.

These are random thoughts, but:

Are you running any plugins?

Make sure your video drivers are up-to-date.

Try running Rhino in “Safe Mode.”

10 GB of “virtual memory” isn’t really a lot.

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That 10gb is for page file space, not virtual memory, which is mostly reserved for file crashes etc. I would also wonder if she is running any other software at same time or in the background hogging up the RAM (things like After Effects can easily do this). Good to check the task manager processes as suggested.

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The Windows page file has always been colloquially called “Virtual Memory.” To be really pedantic, all Windows processes work off of addresses in “Virtual Memory” that the OS moves around between the page file and physical RAM as it sees fit.

Anyway, unless they have a hundred Chrome tabs open, it’s unlikely the the original poster is actually just casually “running out of memory,” something is borked.

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Are sure this is a real error message? This is a really dumb one, because it doesn’t tell you anything about what happened. Its not even clear what sort of memory we talk about. Maybe a honeypot for cracked Rhino licenses?

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That’s all possible…but I have seen that dialog before after running out of memory, maybe more likely if I didn’t reboot before trying to open anything again? It’s been a while, the last time I had an issue with that it was due to being heavy into GPU rendering and needing enough page file space to swap the VRAM contents of multiple GPUs…which doesn’t sound like the case here.

Okay, if you have seen that, then it’s probably a valid message. Maybe McNeel should at least provide some more information in such cases. Now its like saying “there is a bug, sorry”

Indeed, I just meant that allocation of VM shouldn’t really effect anything in Rhino besides things like crash dumps.