Rhino on Ryzen 7 7840HS


I have tried doing my homework on my own but the more I learn the more I see I don´t really understand this topic. My question is if I need a dedicated GPU to use with Rhino (and Photoshop, and other cad) or if the integrated 780M on AMD´s 7840HS will be enough for me?

The scenes I work with don´t tend to be too heavy on the geometry side, but I sometimes work with rather large textures (like 30 000 x 15 000 px).

Thank you for your insight

It has Radeon 780M integrated GPU, it will be slow and likely will fail with your larger textures. and yes an Dedicated GPU is a worthy investment.

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Not what I wanted to hear but glad I have.

Can you also enlighten me on the deal with integrated cards? On paper it should be stronger than the P620 I am using now and which seems fine. Where´s the bottleneck choking integrated cards down when it comes to CAD?

It depends on how the term stronger is used. Integrated GPUs lives on the same die of the CPU and shares system RAM which is slower and has a lower bandwidth as a dedicated GPU.

Heat also is shared between GPU and CPU.

Assuming you are running a desktop PC:

I’d recommend a GPU that has a healthy amount of VRAM (8 GB minimum) . The lowest I’d recommend is GTX 1070 from late 2016. I’d you find a clean , second hand get it