Amd 7840hs cpu

I like to buy a AMD 7840HS laptop (no dedicated GPU)to run Rhino 8.
It has a pretty good Integrated GPU 780m, but i am not sure if this can run Rhino 8 smoothly.
I don’t need to do rendering in this laptop, only direct modeling and grasshopper task.

I assume this is the NVidia GeForce GTX 780M. The 4GB of RAM it has is a bit on the low side.

The laptop GPUs on Kepler were moved to legacy support already back in 2019 and stopped getting security updates in 2020 - so basically the GPU has been unsupported by Nvidia for 4 years already (information from GeForce 700 series - Wikipedia )

Sorry, @nathanletwory, I didn’t make myself clear.
It is AMD’s Integrated GPU.
It is kind of the most powerful integrated GPU right now, but still not near the dedicated ones.

Here is the benchmark.

I am not sure if Rhino 8 support iGPUs, I really hope Rhino will not be lagging on iGPUs. There are many reviews of the this GPU with decent games like GTA 5(no problem), but no CAD/modeling information. I have no way to know it unless buying one.

iGPU? Is that the same as eGPU as in external GPU?

Anyway, I suppose the AMD 7840HS should be fine. I imagine it depends on how much RAM you are going to have in your laptop. The specs for the processor look OK to me.

I personally have always liked AMD processors. My main machine is also an AMD CPU machine.

I’m guessing the “i” is “integrated”, not external…

768 shaders - the equivalent of a GTX 1050 more or less.

Oh, if it is iGPU, as the AMD APU, then sure, that’ll work. I have that sometimes in use as well when I want to free up my Nvidia GPUs 100% for rendering.

I have the 7940HS (same gpu) and works fine for me with Rhino.