Rhino objects exported to esko

Has anyone exported rhino files to esko?

dont know this software, but i found that it takes collada files which can be exported from rhino.

Hey Richard thanks for the input . I have tried the collada file , but I GET A MESSAGE SAYING …NO VALID PRINTABLE PART IN THIS COLLADA FILE.
Its supposed to be able to import 3d objects, so that I can drop my graphics on … but I think i’m missing something. its looking for a die line for a packaging box etx…

hmm sorry to hear that, the applications also takes solidwork files but also cad or cda or something it was not fully understandable since the maker of video i extracted that information from talked very quick with an indian accent.

here the video of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FGz3du4rck4
its at time index 1.12 when he starts about files.

i believe solidworks can also interchange 3dm files, maybe also your esko.

maybe you also have problems with a collada file because the object you created is not solid or valid in this matter. if you have no further success with other files, maybe try posting your object.

My guess is then you are not exporting a closed mesh to the Colada file format.
Here’s is a closed 10mm cube exported from Rhino to a DAE file.
Can you open it in “esko”?
box.zip (11.0 KB)

Hey John , thanks for the help but I get the same message … I can ope a collada file in blender with no problem . So its not the file …

Banging my head …

Strange. I guess you’ll need to contact the esko support people for more details.