Can someone help me with exporting from Rhino?

I’m trying to export a 3D file from Rhino to a different format for CAM purposes. While I’m familiar with simple use of Rhino I’m no expert so try to make any explanation layman-appropriate!

I already have the model created, it is completely closed (watertight), and all solids used to create my model have been joined. I have a single simple solid object with no curves (only planar surfaces). I have two copies of the file saved, one as NURBS object and one as a mesh.

I have a 3D (or more accurately a 2.5D) CAM software that I need to import the file into in order to create a prototype on a CNC router. I need to be able to export the Rhino file into a (.v3d/.v3m), (.stl), (.3ds/.asc/.prj), or (.dxf) format. I know how to save, and how to export. But when I try to export my file I only have the option to export it as a (.3dm).

Can anyone help me “unlock” the option to save my work as anything other than a Rhino model? This is the paid version of Rhino Corporate, not a trial, by the way.

There is no Rhino Corporate, that is a crack- not much we can do to help I’m afraid.


You might consider purchasing a copy of Rhino instead of using a cracked, illegal copy.

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If you are a student or faculty, then you can get Rhino for only $138. As I tell my students, “That’s the price of your tuition between breakfast and lunch – on one stinking day. BUY IT!” Available at Novedge.

Exporting to STL for prototyping is not always as simple as “export selected.” There are a few checks you should do along the way. Check out this FREE prototyping video ( membership required for most of the rest of the course)

Just so you guys know, I’m using Rhino on a work computer. It was here before I was. I didn’t “crack” anything and I don’t know anything about that, but thanks for letting me know that the version I’m using is incapable of doing what I need. (And we obviously don’t have the option of buying the student version.) Considering it is not up to me to make purchases on my boss’ behalf, is there anything else I can do? Can I use a different 3D software (maybe 3ds Max?) to convert it in some way?

Hi Adrienne,

Are you aware of the fact that the company you work for has a cracked version of Rhino installed and running? Where I live that is illegal.
Just tell your boss you just asked for help on the issue and found out someone before you installed illegal software on that computer.

Are you aware that you are asking the creators of the software over here what alternatives there are to workaround the problem you encounter with an illegal copy of their software?



Obviously you are now the third person to refer to my having a “cracked” version of Rhino, so yes I am aware. At this point it’s already done so telling me over and over doesn’t solve anything. Would it make you feel better if I told you I plan to uninstall it? I don’t know anything about “cracking” programs or whatever, I just do my job. The thing is, I already have this file created and I’d really rather not have to start all over from scratch and waste work hours just because someone years ago did something illegal. My boss doesn’t come in every day and doesn’t keep regular hours, so there’s no telling when the next time is I’ll be able to ask him to purchase the full version. In the meantime I’ll just be twiddling my thumbs or someone could help me instead of trying to chastise me.

To answer your other question, yes. I am not stupid. I am no hacker, but I am no idiot either. I’m not asking them to help me break the law. As I said the file has already been created. Maybe you don’t understand the concept that this is work, and not some hobby project I “cracked” Rhino to do at home. I’m just looking for someone to be helpful and not judgmental and suggest a way that I can complete this task so that my work doesn’t pile up and my boss doesn’t get upset that it’s taking me days to do something that should only take a few hours.

Well, as said you can save as .3dm, you’re not completely lost… You might want to scratch your head a bit and say “hmmm, what can I do with a .3dm file…? Can I open it in some other software package? Maybe there exists a demo version of some software that opens 3dm files I can use for awhile…?” Something like that.

Then tell your boss that he has had illegal software on his computer for awhile and that he should buy a real version to legalize his situation. It wouldn’t be good if his clients find out that their work was done using cracked software.


Mitch, that was what I was trying to figure out. As I said earlier though, there’s not much I can do with a (.3dm)… I do CNC work and generally work from (fully legal) 2D CAD software. I can’t cut from a (.3dm) file so…But I am currently pursuing the options you brought up, thanks.

I will absolutely bring it up with my boss that the Rhino we had was not official. It made me uncomfortable to find out I had been working on illegal software and I’m sure he didn’t know.

Well, what opens a .3dm…? Hmm, Rhino does… Does a demo version of Rhino exist…? Would the demo version export my file? Hmmm…

I have called and spoken with my boss and next time he comes in he is going to purchase the full version of Rhino. I also spoke with the coworker that downloaded this version, who said it was a free download that he was not aware was illegal. I don’t know about all that, but in the meantime I’m downloading the trial version. I’m hoping it will export to a file format I can use. Thank you for your help.

Not buying that for one second.

Yeah, honestly I’m not either, especially knowing the guy. Like I said, I don’t know. Maybe he knew full well it was illegal. But I don’t really know why he would go through the trouble of doing that, considering my boss has no issue purchasing whatever we need. I’ve only been working here since July (I came in to replace the guy that I’m referring to) and in the time I’ve been here we’ve gotten two different CAD software packages and a machinist’s calculator, all full versions all purchased outright from their respective companies. Considering we do basic 2.5D CNC router work this is the first time I’ve even attempted to use any of the 3D software on this computer. 3ds Max is also installed. Is there any way to tell if that is not the ‘legal’ version?

Anyway, like I said I downloaded the trial version. It worked perfectly. So thanks for the help, Mitch! I’ve uninstalled the others and should have the full version by the end of the week.

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