Exporting from rhino problem

When I export object from sketch up to rhino , there’s no problem.
But when I export this object then from rhino to collada , this messege send :point_down: and rhino doesn’t export file .

Is there any arrangements that I must do before exporting object from sketch up to rhino ?

check if the plugin is loaded correctly. if it doesn’t, a reinstall could help

How can I open this window please ?

is the option panel, the yelow gear in the top toolbar.
then look for Plug-ins

I don’t know what I must install?
I press on (install) word , but I don’t know which file it wants me to select?
I can’t find rhp plug-in , how can I get it ?

It’s one of the “plugins” that is part of stock Rhino, so if it’s not there something is wrong with your Rhino installation. Try reinstalling Rhino…are you running it in safe mode all the time? Something is wrong.

I can find it at c device but when I click on it , nothing change .

Hi - can you please post the 3dm file here? Also, run the Rhino SystemInfo command and post the result here. Thanks,

Thank you so much .

system info.txt (1.5 KB) Untitled.3dm (13.3 MB)

Hello - please update your Rhino to the latest version. You’ll also need to reinstall video drivers, it looks like, and if you can, get more RAM in the machine, 8 GB is pretty small for Windows 10. The main thing is to update Rhino and see how that works,