Rhino not responding opening 800Mb stl file

I have been sent a scan as a 851Mb stl file but Rhino says not responding when opening it on default settings.
What can I try ?
They have resent it ‘decimated’ but whilst it opens it also looks awful. Worse than the previous model of scanner so I am unable to evaluate the improvements !
Win7 64bit pro
rhino v5
32Gb Corsair DDR memory
GTX970 Nvidia card
i7 4790 3.6GHz CPU

default settings in rhino were:-
weld angle 22.5 deg
split disjoint meshes


If we had the file, we could try it here. That’s a big file so it’s going to take a while no matter what.
I’d try it in V6.

How do I get it to you ?


Do you have a Google Drive account or some other cloud based file sharing tool?

I dont have a google drive account, I usually use wetransfer to transfer files and I need the recipients email address to do so.


That works.
tech@mcneel.com is the generall address for tech support.