Large STL file

A client has sent me a 600mb STL. Ran out of memory when I tried to open it ( not a surprise) . Anyone have an idea how much ram I would need to open it. I have only 6g of ram now but am running a 64bit system so I can add more.

Thanks for the help,

Hi Richard,

I made a 650MB stl and opened in it Rhino.
Memory peaked at about 3.4 GB

Note that I did not weld the mesh upon import.

When I imported with welding it peaked at about 5.2 GB.

So a solution could be to not weld the stl when importing.
Note that in Rhino an Unwelded mesh has a larger footprint so your file will be (a lot) bigger.


Also - be sure you’re launching the 64 bit version of Rhino. Rhino will always install both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions on a 64 bit system, so unless it says 64 bit on the icon, you’re on the 32 bit version.


Thanks for the advise.
I had not idea about rhino about the 32bit and 64 bit. How do I get it to load in 64bit?

If your system is 64 bit, you should have two icons to start Rhino - one will be labeled as 64 bit, the other, the 32 bit one, does not specify that. Do you see those?


I found it. I have been working off a shortcut that is the 32 bit version. Thanks