Rhino model problems exporting and issues with Lumion 8.5 renders

Hi. I am working in a big model using Rhino 6 and cant export into any format except the rhino files.
The file is a big masterplan but I have tryed to clean the model and just have a small portion of the model for the lumion schenes but the problems remains. I have also tried to use livesync, as this is the only way that I can open the rhino into lumion but have problems with the rendered surfaces. The model is clean, whithout overlaying meshes and with the right materails. Any ideas ??

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Can you export a new file as any of the format options Lumion supports?

I can export into collada but when imported into lumion there is nothing in the model, Alos can export into SketchUp and the same happens. if I try to.open with SketchUp, the program crashes. the model is close to the origin.

anyt thoughts?

many thanks

I’d suggest getting in touch with the developers of Lumion here https://support.lumion.com/hc/en-us/articles/360041760194 It sounds like the best approach may be to figure out why certain surfaces are not working with Live Sync as you originally mentioned. I suppose this could also be a hardware issue so I’d also try very simple scenes to prove out the workflow on your system.