Live sync for rhino

As soon as I turn on live sync for my rhino file.The file starts not responding ultimately forcing me to close the file from end lumion and rhino work fine otherwise .any kind of help will be appreciated

If this is live sync feature from the Lumion plug-in you’ll have to contact its developer for the feedback.

It doesn’t seem like a problem of live sync.As soon as I turn on live sync rhino starts creating rendering meshes .and then stops responding.The same model was working fine a few days ago.My file crashed once and since then it doesn’t respond to live sync

Are you able to switch to Rendered mode? Don’t use Live Sync to test.

Yes I can switch to rendered mode.It takes a little time but it does change to rendered

Then it sounds like you need to contact Lumion plug-in developer. Maybe they are requesting render meshes at different settings than what is provided. Perhaps much higher density causing longer meshing times.