Rhino crashes when exporting to sketchup

I am trying use my model in lumion, now I normally do it is save the file as a .skp file and then that allows me to import on lumion. However on this current model whenever I do this rhino crashes and says not responding. I’ve left it a good 20 minutes but it just seems to mess up completely.



Can you post the file?
SKP is a mesh format so I suspect there may be some “bad objects” in the file that are sending the mesher down the rabbit hole.

Run SelBadObjects and see if anything highlights. I suspect you may have a few micro-loops in edge curves.

The Mesh command itself might go into the same never ending state.
If the Mesh command doesn’t stall, you could make the mesh, inspect it for errors, and if it’s good, use Export Selected to send it alone off to SKP.

It worked eventually but took a good 30 minutes to do!

thanks for the help