Rhino mobile app

I would use the Rhino mobile app at work every day and probably buy half a dozen copies a year for people who work for me IF… it could show dimensions.

When using rhino for fabrication, my current options for coördinating with the people who build and assemble what I design and build are to either send them screenshots by text message or send them print outs.

If the mobile app could show dimensions, I could go paperless and have a much easier time showing assemblers and fabricators what I want them to do.

We have a lot of turnover and a lot of part timers. This is common in the scenic, prop, trade show, and fashion show business. Buying every single worker who comes in my shop a copy of the mobile app would be worth the cost to me if it could display dimensions, and I can’t be the only digital fabrication guy who would see the benefit to this.


Double +1 for this. Dims, curves, and an assortment of display options would be great. Integrate Snapshots and McNeel can double the price.


Don’t get me wrong, I think useful CAD on a phone would be a cool thing, but mostly a gimmick for collaboration.

What I mean is you could just send pdf to view on a phone easily. Of course if you want to spin a model that’s trickier in such a form factor of a device. And to create CAD with it also very tricky. Easier to sketch on a napkin (or a 'puter) and send pics of it for phone viewing. As far as designing on a phone, I have a very badass laptop and I don’t even like designing on that because of the tiny monitor, forget about a phone, rather have a pencil and paper than CAD on a phone, for actual use beyond being a cool gimmick.

It already is a thing. It’s called iRhino3D but it hasn’t been updated in ages.

I think there are two ways a mobile app could be utilitarian and more than just a gimmick (at least for my own workflow):

Presentation - If I could set views and snapshots on my desktop and have the ability to present from Rhino, maybe adding some notes along the way (text dots?), It could be really useful. This is much like the way I use Keynote for presentation–edit and refine on desktop and then present from a tablet.

Reference on-the-go - I currently have a stack of print outs on my desk–screenshots of models that I’ve quickly dimensioned–that I take with me to the shop to build. It would be helpful to just bring the 3dm with me on a tablet or my phone. I think this point is essentially the same as @Max3 's point --there’s no reason this couldn’t work collaboratively.

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Hi -

If you have a Windows machine available, you could get the SimLab 3D PDF plug-in for Rhino.
That’s the only viewer that I’m aware of that supports annotations.

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Have you ever tried Shapr3D?
It has an excellent iPad App with Pencil support and they are developing an macOS App too.

I use this app to prototype on the go and export these drafts to Rhino afterward for refining.
An vice versa export my Rhino models to Shapr3D to present and discuss my project on the iPad.

Yes, Shapr3D is nice for a lot of things - but it’s not exactly cheap (compared to Rhino, I mean)…


The 3d aspect is pretty important to me.

It’s very useful to be able to give assemblers/builders an exploded view, especially with complex props and setpieces.

In a lot of situations, it’s necessary and/or faster to do a build with a combination of CNC cut parts and hand cut parts. So if I can send the guys a dimensioned exploded view, color coded to show them what they’re building vs what I’m CNC cutting, it speeds everything up.

And it’s not very hard to take a design and explode it and dimension it. I’ve already got this part way automated for certain types of things we have to do a lot, like large prismatic letters or runs of 100+ different pedestals.

Is it a cloud app or can it work offline?

My build times and deadlines are ridiculous, I can’t use cloud stuff because I can’t afford to have it fail, ever.

I completely agree. But wouldn’t you create these explodes, sections, callouts and such on a desktop and send them in pdf format, which they could view on a phone or any computer? Where in the workflow is the need to spin a model in 3D on a phone?

I use Autodesk Viewer https://viewer.autodesk.com/ to communicate with fabrication clients. The files are stored online, can be opened on any device and operating system. Dimensions are carried across with model. Has sectioning and exploded views, annotation, etc.
Doesn’t cost me anything.

Drawing a single exploded version in 3d with dimensions and letting them explore it seems faster than doing a layout with multiple views.

Basically I’m trying to produce an Ikea instructions, but explorable, as fast as possible.

Wim’s suggestion is probably the best existing thing for me to try.

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Thanks. I’ll try this.

make an account on grabcad.com and upload. The grabcad has built in 3d viewer and this viewer has function for displaying exploded view and measurement as well and that too by default !! what more you need ! Please check www.grabcad.com. I have used it on several ocassions.


Other option here:

across DXF