Rhino Material type

Hey I’ve been wondering what exactly the type of material in the pattern here I’m trying to replicate it in my pattern is it just a color ?

Hello - I am not sure what your question is - if you are referring to the grid pattern on the building, that would be made as geometry - that is modeled in 3d one way or another - not a rendering material.


No, i have the pattern and need to apply material to it but i’m not sure how exactly do i get that type of material

What is that made out of ?

is it concrete, metal? hard to tell from the picture…

It’s the Kenitra railway station in Morocco, and it’s a painted steel structure IIRC. So a matte paint material would probably be your best bet. What render engine?
HTH, Jakob

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Thanks, i’m using Enscape i created it by creating a clearcoat material in it