Rough surface old weathered steel and how to apply to all solids?

Q1. Can I make all my solids take on a rough surface texture like 50yr old steel plate found in undergrowth and given a good brushing off ?
else medium emery grit paper, else fine sandpaper.

Q2. Where is this texture,
Q3. how do I place into Rhino and get all solids to feature it ?

Q4. Can they have different colours, my existing layer colours , to differentiate the parts, but not be perfect smooth ?



Hello- general questions about how to use textures and materials in Rhino should be handled by the Help files - what your texture is for this material will be up to you - there is no default 50 year old buried stell that’s been brushed off texture that ships with Rhino.- (Note V7 and PBR materials makes all of this far more accessible and realistic. )


How do I add materials in Rhino 5? article on internet…

Assign materials to layers
In the Rhino viewport, select the target objects. In the Layer panel, select one or more layers and click the Material column. In the Layer Material dialog box, select the material to assign. Drag the material from the thumbnails or list onto a target layer in the Layer panel.

I now need to make a grainy rusty steel material, or just get snadstone, internet all about how to bring it in not make it.
then 40 mins video includes install gimp, I use pshop.

Brian James command DownloadLibraryTextures in a seat video, I get unknown command.

I use an existing image drag drop to layer and its appearing at vastly different scales for different planar surfaces on my model. I had hoped same size texture everywhere.

Clearly not a quick thing to do. I am against clock, needing to get win10 pc makeover started, install win7, but need this job done first. catch22.


You can afford the Photoshop, but you cannot afford Rhino 7? If I were in your shoes, I would get Rhino 7 and I would replace the Photoshop ($240 / year) with Affinity Photo ($55 / lifetime)…

I have purchased Rhino 7 already, a year ago, then win10 in october, no time to rebuild PC, jobs need finishing before doing so , Photoshop I have been with for 30 yrs, I use so many advanced aspects of it, I have loads of .psd files to work on, so to try and learn another prog, have it work faultlessly with non native files, too risky, I dont have time or money but of the two time is critical, bad enough as it is working till 2am.
I have Affinity designer and just couldnt fathom it out, no cut tool, crazy.


Is there anywhere to download a rough textures surface ?

anyone know of one ?

link please


steel rusted metal texture:

Hi ,
Many thanks,
I have never used textures, so need to read up on what size to make the texture, or can it be any size, at least then there will be no tiling joins !

found a couple free without ghost lettering all over them. and a continuous sort of rustyness.


If you take random image from the internet and use it as texture, there will be ugly seams unless you mirror the original image to make three matching images. You combine the four matching images into “compound” image and use it as the texture. (Adobe Photoshop and Affinity Photo are well suited for this purpose.)