Rhino Mac UNDO and Command-Z?

Long time PC Rhino user, just opened Rhino for Mac and am lost. How do I UNDO an action? I dragged an object and wanted to move it back, but “UNDO” is shaded out and Command-Z doesn’t do anything.

Also, where is the gum ball? I clicked on the Gumball box at the top but no gum ball appears.

Thanks !

You’re right CMD+Z is undo on Mac. I’m not sure why yours isn’t working… does undo work in other apps?

The Gumball will require a selection to show up… is something selected? If not, something is odd on this machine. Please post all the info about what OSX version and hardware you’re using from the About this Mac dialog.

Hi Brian,

Yep, CMD-Z works as Undo on other apps on my computer. I see it under the “Edit” menu: Cmd-Z Undo, but it is shaded out.

Selecting an object made the gumball work, thanks,


What OSX version and hardware are you using? Also, what version of Rhino 5 for Mac are you running?

If you draw a line with the line command and then look in the Edit menu is the top Undo choice not available?

Hi Brian,

I am running OS 10.8.5 on a Mac Mini 2Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo w 4G RAM. Rhino for Mac 5.0.1 (5A858) Seems to open and run Rhino handily.

If I draw a line, then look under the Edit menu, Undo is shaded out, and Cmd-Z will not work to delete it or to un-drag it. If I draw multiple connected line segments, I can get rid of individual segments using Cmd-Z as long as they are still “live”.



Thanks for the extra info. I’m stumped… @dan @marlin any ideas? I started hunting for control of the undo stack count but am not seeing a setting to check.

Sorry, no idea. I don’t have 10.8.5 around for testing/confirmation. @marlin might have this setup to see if he can reproduce the issue.


yeah, strange… aside from it being greyed out, the edit menu should also show you what you’re about to undo or redo. (and a tool tip)