CTRL Z not working with gumball

Hello - Big fan of the McNeel Team
Definitely going to be purchasing Rhino 8 - I work in design for composites and Large scale 3d printing so shrink wrap alone is worth the upgrade.

Just downloaded the trial of Rhino 8 and have noticed the undo (ctrl Z) is not working with the gumball.


I’m running a newer build and I can’t repeat this.
I used Gumball to move a BREP, then Ctrl+Z moved it right back.
Next I moved 4 breps, one at a time, and then 4 successive Ctrl+Z moved them all back.

What are you doing differently?

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Hi John,

Thanks for the response. Just did exactly as you described up there. That was on my home laptop (hp z book) I’ll try and repeat the error on my work machine and see if it happens.
Also worth noting this works fine on my laptop in v7.
I’ll let you know the result

Ok it works fine on the PC - I’ll try again on the laptop.
I think it’s more of a hardware issue on my end.