Undo Selected

Does Rhino for Mac have UndoSelected?

I can’t find it…

No. Undo is a list of a sequence of events.

What problem are you trying to solve?

I need to work backwards within a selection of forms/lines/whatever. I was told that UndoSelected is an option in Rhino

Yes, Windows Rhino has the UndoSelected command but Mac Rhino does not have it yet.

Ah geeeez. OK thanks. C’mon guys! That’s a useful tool let’s get on it!

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i never knew this command existed but i imagine myself making use of it if it were.

the way i achieve similar functionality is with copy/paste.

• draw a sphere
• draw a box
• draw a line
• recognize you only want the line and sphere now but not the box.
• select the line
• copy to clipboard
• undo until only the sphere is showing
• paste

(pretty bad example since you’d just delete the box here but… i just thought this might be an easier way to explain the method)