Rhino MAC Feature Request - Detachable Windows

I have just moved from Rhino Windows to Rhino Mac. My workflow has been seriously hindered by the Rhino Mac version not being able to detach viewport windows. I use this feature as a standard set-up on my Windows device and is extremely important to my (and I imagine many others) workflow. To be more specific, that is the feature in Windows where with the mouse cursor can simply click and drag a viewport to move and make it full screen.

As most rhino users are working semi or professionally, most users have multiple screens. Being able to detach a viewport window such as the “Perspective” view and open it full screen on a second monitor is absolutely crucial to doing good, fast and detailed work. I simply can’t understand how such a simple but essential feature has been overlooked for the Mac version.

I am posting here today in the hope that it may be added soon (hopefully in Rhino 8). I hope that this lacking feature may have already been flagged and considered by the Mcneel team. However, if this is not the case, I really hope that this is noted and implemented by the Rhino development team the soonest!

Thank you for your good work, your program is excellent!

try NewFloatingViewport you can’t attach it though and i had the feeling that the ability to have different amounts of viewports and having them attach detach like in windows was under debate, not sure where that stands right now.


Comparto esa inquietud, soy nuevo en el uso de Rhino, y lo que describe me sucede por igual, al igual no entiendo el porque no puede haber los comando flotante como en Windows, al igual que los tutoriales de la plataformas son todos en windows, y hay comando como escalar que no es lo mismo en Mac, en ese punto estoy trancado y buscando otras fuentes en vimeo o YouTube, para ver como realizar este escalado

I share that concern, I am new to the use of Rhino, and what it describes happens to me equally, just as I do not understand why there can not be floating commands as in Windows, just as the tutorials of the platforms are all in windows, and there is command like scaling that is not the same on Mac, at that point I am stuck and looking for other sources in vimeo or YouTube, to see how to perform this scaling

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Thank you for your response, this seems to be a pretty similar function to what I was looking for.

I also just saw your discussion thread about mac shortcuts not working properly. I am also having the same issues. Hoping this is resolved soon.