Floating a Viewport

Hi, I have been looking for a while about how to separate my perspective viewport and place it on an external monitor. I know this can be done in the windows version (float viewport) but I cannot find it for mac??


The command is NewFloatingViewport but it isn’t implemented in Mac Rhino at the moment. I made sure this is filed though (MR-883), thanks for the report.


Sorry to bump such a old thread, but is there any news on this command making it into final release or soon after.

I don’t think it will make it into the first release version, it’s marked as 5.x, not 5.0… Sometime before V6, I guess.



Hey there. I see the last time the topic was adressed is already half a year ago. I would really love to be able to float a viewport again as it makes modeling a lot more comfortable. In the linked page it says release target 5.x - when do you expect it to be implemented?

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If it says 5.x unfortunately that means that it’s not slated for the next release - otherwise it would say 5.1 - the “x” part just means they don’t know when it might make it in…


It is Possible now with NewFloatingViewport. Beautiful.