BUG: V8 Lockup

I have repeatedly run into the problem where Rhino locks up when reading a file. Activity Monitor shows it in red. Killing takes a long time. Attached is a SEND TO APPLE from a recent event.
Rhino.txt.zip (297.7 KB)

Hi John -

Is there any pattern to this behavior? Is this file-specific?
Have you tried to let Rhino work on this for a longer period of time before force-quitting?

I’ve left it over night before.

I suspect the problem occurs when you accidentally export to yourself rather than to a PDF.

Thanks John -
I’ve put this on the list for a developer to take a look at → RH-81104 Rhino locks up when reading a file


Would we be able to get the file?

You can send it to Rhino - Upload to Support - and set andy@mcneel.com as the recipient email address.

  • Andy

After a reboot, things go back to normal.