Rhino Line Weights for 3D objects

I am creating drafting views from a 3D model and would like to be able to change the line weights for each view. E.g. narrow line weight for the elevations and choose a thicker line weight for section cuts through the 3D model.

Please can someone tell me how I do this?


Hi Gaby - are you creating views using Make2d or with detail views in a layout, or?


Yes, by using details you can control line weight per detail. You have to use a display mode that is not Technical (so not Technical, Pen Artistic, or Arctic, etc). Double into a detail to make it active, then you can set the per detail line weight for that detail. If you don’t make the change while the detail is active, you will be setting the line weight for that layout.


In layouts

Thank you. Do you you know which views you can see the cut lines in?

I was hoping to show the views in ‘pen artistic’ because I don’t want to see the construction lines on the printed drawings, which normally shown in shaded view. Do you know if you can remove these polysurface construction lines?

Those look like isocurves. You could make a copy of the mode you want to use, then clear the Show isocurves and (if you are on V6) Show tangent edges for that mode. That should suppress those lines.