Line weight catastrophe

Dear All,

I’m trying to make a simple technical drawing in a 3D view.
For this, I have changed the ‘Pen Display’ to my desires resulting in the following drawing:

This drawing was obtained by using the ‘Capture to File’ option.

Now, the problem that I’m facing is that the dimension lines are too thin. When I change the width of the lines, using the ‘Properties Panel’ this is not visible. Only when I enable the ‘PrintDisplay’, these thicker lines become visible but the silhouette of my 3D model becomes thin.

I have already tried to change the viewport display options but without succes. Also increasing the ‘Print Width’ in the layer panel doesn’t add up.
The 3D model is a mesh, a 3D scan that has been imported as an obj file.

Thanks for the help!

Normally when I make a drawing like this I will use the Make2d command to get the curves I need and then set the line weights to my liking and export to Illustrator or PDF depending on if I need to do more work after that. You might find that workflow more agreeable than leaving yourself up to the whims of the Rhino display settings.