Rhino is slow on new Imac bootcamp

Hello all.

Thank you for making such a great program! I have been using Rhino actively for several years now, and just recently I have gotten my computer upgraded at work to a new Imac, running windows 10 with bootcamp. Unfortunately Rhino is running slower than on my old computer. It is not really a problem with displaying complex geometry, but more simple commands such as drawing curves, printing and moving objects that are really slow.

I have tried turning off accelerated graphics in the options, but this did not help. Any idea on other things I could try to optimize/bug find?

Thank you in advance.



What is the graphics card on your iMac?

Please open Rhino Options > View > OpenGL. Take a screenshot and send the image back in a reply.

Hi John

Thank you for the quick reply. Here is the screenshot: