Rhino instance/ram limit?

Hi all, I’m wondering if there is an instance limit, or RAM usage limit I might have just come across. I am running manual batch operations on 10-20 files at a time (the files have big meshes, 500-700MB each, so I’ve found it easier to work and save these individually) but just today reached a point where I could not open another instance of Rhino.

Windows 10 pro
V5 SR14 64bit, from 5/22/17
Machine has 10 cores, 128GB of ram.

Tried opening a new file and got the Mcneel crash report dialogue. I didn’t send because I thought maybe there was something else going on. Eventually I closed some Rhinos and everything back to normal, meaning I can open another Rhino instance no problem. I think I was at about 23 instances when I was having this issue.

I’m going to try to replicate it soon as I’m doing the batch operations again this weekend most likely.

Thank you

Hello - I don’t think Rhino itself has any limit, but your system surely does - you might check TaskManager to see what resources are being used by all your Rhinos. Keep in mind that if you move one of your 500MB meshes one micron, you now have a 500MB mesh in the undo stack - move it twice, and you have two. For each file you have open that you edit, so it can add up.