Instances of Rhino open

My Job requires me to have many instances of Rhino open, (half of them are 3D), so I can answer questions on any project on a moments notice. My present workstation does okay, more or less. However, I can’t find anyone who knows “for sure”, just what would make things do better. Is it RAM, CPU, GPU, what?? If I knew—I would fix it—by getting a new workstation.

I currently have 16RAM, i7 CPU, an okay GPU–( I don’t do that much moving around )- running 3 24" monitors.
Any suggestions—any one know for sure???

Hello - I’d go for RAM, first, here, at least double what you have.


I have 128 GB of RAM and often see Rhino using over 64 GB as I work with pointclouds having 100M points and meshes with 18M faces. But performance remains consistent and does not bog down. So I also endorse getting more RAM, 64 GB at least.

Thanks all, finally getting some advice from users. All others I have talked to said—you are just fine
…again thanks…Joe

I suggest that you also keep an eye on the GPU ram used.
if you run out of GPU Ram strange things can occur

in win 10 you can see the usage in the taskmanager (not sure how reliable it is though)

in win 7 you will need some tool like open hardware monitor, or GPU-Z

It’s complicated and involves compromises… See