Exporting rhino plugin as .rhi

I’m having issues exporting rhino as single .rhi file.
If i understood correctly, the files that are generated into x64/Release i should all zip into single file, and then rename that into something.rhi. Is this correct?
I am receiving: The file appears to be corrupted...
What should i do, how do i check what im doing wrong… Isn’t there any other way to export the plugin as a single install-able file?
Btw i am doing a Modeless Dialog(MFC) plugin with c++.

Hi @ramadan

An RHI file is a Rhino Installer file.

It may convenient to create a .RHI file, but not requried to run your plug-in.

When Visual Studio build a plug-in project, the end result is an RHP file, which is just a DLL. This is what Rhino’s plug-in manager is looking for.

– Dale

Thanks @dale
I did try the first one before but had an issue, when i checked what i was doing wrong, i remembered i was changing to rhino from rar instead of zip, lol :joy:. Thanks man :slight_smile: