according rhino.inside web page it is for “…other 64-bit Windows applications such as Revit, AutoCAD, etc.”

does this mean other CADware or does it include any 64bit windows app we can create?


Any windows 64 bit application can theoretically embed Rhino.Inside. The application needs to either have an SDK or be something that you write yourself. There are many different samples at

One more question on this topic…

does it support UI, viewport etc.?

It’s the whole of Rhino, and all of its plugins. So, Yes.

I know it is open source and Rhino3D can now be embedded using Rhino.Inside.

does this require the Rhino3D license to use it in to our own commercial apps as this is the whole ToolKit to build your own product?


Hi Steve,

I am a structural engineer and software developer.
I’m developing apps and components to simplyfiy my Workflows.
I’m working with the rhino common api for many years now.

Me and some other architects/engineers/developers try to use Rhino as a Back and Frontend and NURBS-Core.

Is it possible to let rhino run in background and implement a rhino perspective/front/top-view or the grasshopper canvas in a WPF/xaml based Form e.g. in a Viewbox or Viewbox3d container/object or can i embed the view or window element in a Windows Form Window object?

Can I cast the Rhinoview or Grasshopper Canvas to a WPF Container Object?

I could not find an example in the rhino inside git repository the rhino inside excel example does not work on my excel (office365 excel.)

best regards


Not currently. The best we have at the moment for view embedding can be seen with this sample.

Hi Steve,

I haven’t seen this folder until now.
I downloaded the git repository

Now another Problem occurs.
I imported the RhinoCommon.dll as usal and then the RhinoWindows.dll
but I can not import/link the RhinoCore.dll but I googled and found out that Rhino.Runtime.InProcess is part of the RhinoCore.dll.
I got the Error atached to this message.



You shouldn’t need to adjust references for this project. Everything should get loaded with the RhinoInside nuget package reference. Did you try to compile and run the sample without making changes?

Also, this only works if you have Rhino 7 installed on your machine. Rhino 6 will not work for any sort of Rhino.Inside project. I’m pointing that out as I see Rhino 6 in your screenshot.

Hi Steve,

thanks, i just baught Rino7 and will test it with the new Version.

best regards