Rhino Inside Unity

Dear @stevebaer,

I am trying to load RhinoCommon in Unity.

I have followed the steps in:

I clicked on bat file. Do you know how to solve the issue?
Which files I need to copy to Unity Assets folder to make it work?

The copied one of standard assets to my unity project, but it cannot found rhino:

That .bat file is just attempting to copy RhinoCommon.dll out of the Rhino WIP and into the same directory where the .bat file exists.

Your path to the WIP may be different

Thank you for the answer.

But there is a problem with other data structures.
Point3d type is loaded without problem, but Pointcloud data structure searches for other dll from c++.

Is it solvable somehow?

In order for any of this to work, Rhino itself needs to be loaded into the Unity process (Rhino.Inside). Once Rhino is loaded, then the C++ DLLs that things like pointclouds are trying to access will be available.

That is what this code is attempting to do:

It sounds like that code is not properly executing and loading Rhino on your system.

Is it enough to place this file inside Assets folder or do I need to run the script in play mode?

It is enough to just place the dll in that folder. You may want to try Sample 2 to see if that works for you. I wrote it in a slightly different form.