Rhino Inside Unity

Dear @stevebaer,

Is it possible to make rhinoinside work with Rhino6?

The problem is that the WIP expires quite soon, and I need to recompile all my .dlls to make it work, otherwise I get error? This gets worse when I need to update the compiled dll on different computers.

No, Rhino.Inside is a major feature for V7 and involves a large amount of code change. I don’t understand the need to recompile your DLLs, what error are you you seeing?

The version number.

For example the .dll uses some rhino geometry methods from rhinocommon of wip that is 1 release earlier. In such case unity wont allow to load the .dll since the current version of rhinocommon is earlier than the one used in .dll.

I will post a screenshot soon.

That sounds like something we can work around and fix in our unity samples

RH-56581 is fixed in the latest WIP

Thanks for this thread, very helpfull.

I have maybe a (naive) question : is it possible to build an unity project like the Sample 1 ?

Dear @stevebaer

The RhinoInside.cs file on Sample2 for Unity gives error that it does not find registry file:

I tried to create new project copy paste files for RhinoInside folder.
I do not have error on one computer but on other it gives an error.

Dear @stevebaer ,
I hope it’s not too late to ask some questions in this thread.
On my computer the Sample 2 just causes Unity freezing right after clicking on “Grasshopper - Show”. The Sample 1 was working smoothly and fine.
As I work in Rhino 7 instead of Rhino WIP, in Assets folder I’ve changed RhinoCommon.dll and added System.Drawing.dll (it wasn’t functioning without it).
What could one do to get it working?

Will be very grateful for any help, since the Unity/Grasshopper link seems to be very crucial for my recent work.