Need Advice workflow Rhino to Unity

I model interior in Rhino, I need advice workflow to bring Rhino model to Unity.

Thank you

Check the export types and see what unity allows as import. Probably FBX.

I try create a cube then Save As FBX. Unity can recognize this cube. I apply material to this cube in Unity.
Then I came back Rhino create a sphere. Then Save As FBX same name with previous( confirm replace ). Unity can recognize new sphere. However the material I apply to cube will be move to new sphere (lost material for cube).
What happen?

I use Rhino 7 wip + Unity. Not for visualization purposes but for geometry and RhinoCommon.dll use

Might be useful
Rhino Inside Unity

Takes time to setup but worth it.

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Thank @Petras_Vestartas for advice. I think Grasshopper is unsuitable for me.
Last night, I test other file formats: obj and skp.
I found down Save as obj will give more options. I can keep the layer name and the material assigned in Unity.
This is set up for obj:


Hi Travis

At the end, do you now how to import in unity an obj file from rhino?
I give here an obj file. In Rhino, the face has colours, but in unity, i see nothing. Could you please help me? :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
Thanks so much! :slight_smile:BISvisagef5fdeeb3554571c480a16a5ff4444889.obj (7.6 MB)

Hi @kostaldeak
Did you try apply Material for it? I mean Material, not Color.
I’ve not used Unity for long time. with my experiment, I will export each file obj with each changed setting. Then import to Unity. It will help you figure out what changed.
You could test by yourself
Reference link:

Hi Travis
Thanks So much to answer.
No i didn’t. As maybe you see in my file i uploaded, i have the face, and there are colours. Well i don’t know if i understand well what you say, but do i have in rhino to separate the mesh in différent surfaces, put textures on each, then convert to obj with each textures ?as you can see, the file is an all mesh, this is only the colours that are separate, not the mesh.
ThanksSo much :smiley:

Hi @kostaldeak
I misunderstand:
1/ Did you model it in Rhino?

2/ What your target?

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Hi again Travis

I used a free software that converts from a frontal photography of your face, this, in an obj file with the colours in order to recognize the face.
What I would like to do is to import this, with the colours, in Unity, in order to create a simple video game, with this object, that, for exemple, can move , rotate, change scale, explode, with others objects i created yet in Rhino, as i modelise all in Rhino. I have Rhino 6 official commercial license, and vray official licence too. At the End, this is because i want to create an animated simple 3d vidéo game, with my objects, that will give à vidéo clip for my new song called Pulsars. And i think with Unity it is a good solution, but i have to learn it again, as i didn’t practice Unity since 10 years and i had a basic level 10 years ago. :smiley:

Hi @kostaldeak
With your target, I recommend you try Unreal Engine with Datasmith.

Reference link:

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Hi Travis
Thanks So much for your answer.
Well, i chose unity because i know it à little bit and there are à lot of tutoriels step by step. I am à little bit afraid with unreal engine, but i will look at the link you give me. Thanks So Much! :smiley:

hey @Petras_Vestartas - are you still using Rhino Inside Unity or have you moved on to something else?

I think I stopped using it after my thesis, so for 1 year nomore. In my case I did not use Rhino inside much, because I wrapped my method in a stanalone library with the help of geometryshaep kernel.