Baking Element Geometry Subcategories to Layers

Everybody is good! Excuse me! How do we send Windows in Revit to RHINO as glass and frames? So, you don’t have to separate layers again in RHINO

You’re close! The Element Geometry component now has a ZUI + that will add a category output

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Regular Bake and ‘Geometry Cache’ component should bake geometry on separate layers and applying materials.

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thank you very much!

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Is it possible when baking using the geometry cache to have the category type as a rhino sublayer?

In the example above the Layers are by Category/Subcategory.


I have a definition that organize the baked elements per category/type (as the attached image), but it will be a lot cleaner if this can be done with the memory cache component.

That’s what it provides me when baking. Unless i’m misunderstanding.

in your example all walls are in the same layer. I was asking if there is a way to add sublayers to the Wall layer based on their category types, in this case Wall types. In big models this organizations helps a lot to keep the model organized.

I understand now, you want the Element Family Types added as sub layers. I’ll add that as a feature request. Thanks!

Good advice

You may want to look at this example. It takes structural beams and creates sun layers based on element type: Rhino.Inside®.Revit

Is this sort of what you are looking for?

With a little modification it could do walls too.