Rhino.Inside Revit Unit Conversion Issue

Hi all,

I’m trying to build a new parameter to show the force inside the column in the Revit. The idea is to take the force data in Grasshopper/Rhino and push it to Revit. However, I noticed that there is a conversion issue between the force value in Grasshopper and Revit as can be seen here:

From the value, looks like Revit takes the loading value in GH (1,000,000) as feet, and convert it to km in Revit (304.8). I wonder has anyone faced this issue before? If so how did you solve it? Thank you very much

Hi @berto.winata,

We have pushed a fix into the Daily channel to address this.
If you detect any other unit conversion problem please report it, we will try to fix it as quick as possible.

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Hi, thank you for the reply!

However, what is/where to find this daily channel?


On the Rhino.Inside Options dialog there is tab called updates.

It should allow you to update from the Daily channel.

Hi, thank you! I just updated from Daily channel, and the conversion issue seems to be fixed now.

In my case, I need to times my force value from Grasshopper by 1,000,000 to make it becomes kN in Revit. Is this always the case? (Meaning the default force unit when we push data from GH to Revit is miliNewton?)

The thing is Revit store length units in imperial.
What Rhino.Inside does is normalize all those values towards Rhino model length units.

I guess you are working in mm now.
Since a N is

1 Kg • m / s^2
1000g • 1000mm / s^2
Here your 10^6 factor.

The idea behind that is that you can operate with those values and lengths that come from Rhino model assuming lengths are always in Rhino model units, mm in your case, and SI units for the rest of magnitudes.

I see, thank you very much for the explanation!