Rhino Inside Revit - Query Levels not Working

am having problems using Query Levels as it not working as expected.
Any kind advice?
Thank you very much!

Please a place a new Query level and note that the Query Level is expecting a Domain.

@Japhy I do not get all the levels in my project with Query Levels and Domain.
Level picker has 77 items, and with Query levels i get 34 items.
do you have any idea about this?
R.I.R 1.17.8734.20954.

How many do you get if you remove the Domain input?

64 if i add the ones from building stories, i will have all 77 levels.
can it be that the domain | elevation in being calculated in imperial not metric?


Yes there is a bug on the domain input and is treating the input as feet.

This will be fixed on next RC.

thanks @kike