Rhino.Inside.Revit - Project Case Study - Article

Insight to Parametric Design on Boggo Road Pedestrian Bridge using Rhino.Inside.Revit

Hope this might influence others to join our journey on RIR. :slight_smile:


Hi Christopher,
We have the same journey here as well wherein we are utilising RIR
for Bridge design and modelling.

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Nice work Joel.

Glad to see other’s taking advantage of using Rhino.Inside.Revit.

Hi Christopher,

Yes, it is good to have this as a part of our Revit Tool for model automation and link to our
structural analysis.

Nice Job Christopher, Thanks for sharing.

This a lot of data to wrangle, any advice for people aspiring to be data driven?

Below list referencing parametric order of
design elements top down:

  1. Civil Design Road Surface
  2. Engineering Slab Thickness
  3. Girder Types and Internal Stiffener Arrangements
  4. Tapper Plates and Grout
  5. Bearing Pad Types
  6. Plinth Types
  7. Headstock Types
  8. Column, Pile Cap and Pile Types

Thanks @Japhy

Here is the current process we are using… This is still very much work in progress.

To manage the amount of data in Revit through RIR we are breaking it down with 4 different script types for parameter data automation. Just with the amount of data it needs to broken down so that multiple people are control different data groups across our teams.

Open to feedback and suggestions from others in the RIR community. There may be alternative approaches or tools that could help improve our workflow.

I hope these suggestions are helpful.

oh, one last note to add…

Some Element Instance Parameters on some projects are fixed in Rhino Attributes to then be pushed into Revit Parameters. These Rhino Attributes are sometimes automated in GH or manually updated in Rhino. (Project dependent)

What I am really keen to get running is Element Analytical Parameter process :slight_smile:
Script 5

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Thanks. So Excel is the single source of your structured data, that then gets passed to though grasshopper to Rhino User Text or Revit Parameters.

I’ll see what we can do about the Analytical workflows. I assume you are referring to the latest additions to the 2023 api.