Rhino inside Revit: How can I migrate the Revit type property numbers to grasshopper using Rhino inside Revit?


I am a student aspiring to structural design in Japan. I want to input member information (Poisson’s ratio, Young’s modulus, etc.) in Revit and transfer that information to grasshopper using Rhino inside Revit. However, when migrating the Revit information using rhino inside Revit, grasshopper reads 0.0. Why is this?

How are you migrating the Data currently? You can Get Parameter and use that value in grasshopper as needed.


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Thank you for answering the question.

I am migrating the parts made by Revit with the components of Graphical Element to grasshopper. The parts created by Revit contain information such as Poisson’s ratio and cross-sectional area, but they cannot be transferred to grasshopper. Since the numbers have not been migrated, no data comes out even if I define the parameters.