Rhino Inside Revit not showing on Revit

Having installed both Rhnio8 and Ravit 2025 trails, then I installed “RhinoInside.Revit_1.21.8904.29048”. Although the installation was noted to be completed within a second, there is no indication of Rhino, no icon or even not in the AddIns when commencing Revit. I could not find any online solution and would greatly appreciate it if anyone have an answer.

Please put anything Revit related in the Rhino.Inside - Revit forum category.

The Revit 2025 is still wip and requires the Daily or Service Release Candidate to install. If you have other versions of Revit these are available for download in the Rhino.Inside.Revit options located on its Revit Ribbon.

I’ve sent you a private link in case you don’t have any other Revit Version.