Get foundation geometry from type and put at column

Hi everyone,
I have a problem with taking the foundation from Revit to Rhino as follow:

  • I take the foundation by take its family, use filter to get element and take geometry from it. But it will be cut if having beam or slab like below image. So my idea is take the geometry of type and place it again at the same location, but I can not take geometry from type. Could you help me?


Hi Ngoc, Are you wanting to take the Geometry from the Type in Rhino? You will need to bake the geometry if so. What you are seeing is the preview. Let us know if you have any questions.

Hi @Ngoc_Tuan_Ho,

There was a bug on ‘Element Geometry’ component that prevents RiR to extract geometry from Component Types.

This will be fixed on v1.10 and is already available in v1.11 to test.

Something like this should work now.

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Thanks. I want to take geometry of type in Revit. :smiley:

this is exactly what i need but how to know my Rhino.Inside version or update it? :slight_smile:

Ngoc, Please see the following guide on updating.

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