Rhino.Inside how to load plug-ins, GH add-ins without registry info

I’m trying to get Rhino.Inside (inside a command-line application) to load my plug-ins and Grasshopper add-ins. This works nicely if they have been loaded once into Rhino itself, as that results in each plug-in getting registry information, but on a system where there is a clean Rhino install without any plug-ins having been registered already, Rhino.Inside does not load my plug-ins (which is of course totally logical, it has no knowledge of where they are).

How do I tell Rhino.Inside where to look for my .RHP and .GHA files?

One thing that works is to completely register a plug-in in the registry, just as if Rhino had already loaded it once. Once a plug-in is registered it gets loaded, and any grasshopper components are found there are loaded as well.
It would still be nice to just point Rhino.Inside somewhere to look for RHP and GHA files. @stevebaer do you have any hint here how to do that?

Your command line app could manually call PlugIn.LoadPlugIn with the paths to the plug-ins you want loaded.